Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Gathering of Ancient Tribes

The Odalisque

Nasty International

Egypt - "Become the Sun" album art  (totem cat records 2013)

We Are Going to Free the Shit Outta You


fistful pt. 2

Battle of the Sea Titans

Back Alley Hero

The Eavesdropper Cafe

Swamp Thing


Austin Psych Fest art

King Animal

In the Future, Even Droids Sing the Blues

Swamp Thing

Mark Lanegan

Queens of the Stone Age

Matt Pike of High on Fire

The Wandering Astronaut

The Man With No Name


The End

The Space Bar

Iota - "Tales" album art (Small Stone Records 2008)

Iota - "Tales" interior album art (small stone records 2008)

Iota "alienpopeacidcommunion" tshirt design website art


7 Days in Minneapolis (illustration for a story by Ed Waara)

Star Wars:  The Clone Wars - "The Enemy Within" cover art

Star Wars Adventures:  The Will of Darth Vader interior art (colored by Michael Wiggam)

unused Star Wars: the Clone Wars cover art

unused Star Wars: The Clone Wars cover art

yoda commission

jabba the hutt commission

G.I. Joe commissions

Iota tshirt design

Dwellers tshirt design

Dwellers concert poster art (inks)

Dwellers concert poster final art

Insectoid - "Cosmic Places" illustration

Insectoid - "Mantis Girl" illustration

Insectoid - "One Shot" illustration

Insectoid - "Space Ranger" illustration

Insectoid - "Through the Tenses" illustration

pinup 1

pinup 2

Live For Today

Adrian Peterson

 Joe Blow and the D.E.Agents

 inspired by High on Fire's "Death is this Communion"